Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated as a special part of our team. From working with children at our center to helping with special events and fundraisers, volunteers of all ages are needed in a variety of capacities. 




We require that prospective volunteers be carefully screened through the application process. An interview, criminal and CPS background check, and training is required for all people who wish to volunteer.  We require volunteers to be at least 21 years of age to work closely with our families.

Return a completed application to the Center. Contact Jennifer, our Office Coordinator at jennifer@castcac.org for more information.  We will arrange for an interview to discuss your application, volunteer interest(s) and give an orientation of CAC. We will also discuss training that will be required of your volunteer work.


Weekday Volunteers: Assist with routine tasks around the office such as greeting guests and organizing supplies.

Special projects: “Let us know what you are good at!”

Does your family or group have a heart for service?  Host a donation drive or assist with an ongoing project. See our Wishlist for more information.   



Click here to download Volunteer PDF form.

We are in need of volunteers at the following times...

Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and then 1pm-4pm

(Choose a day & time.)