Internship & Practicum Opportunities

Therapy Internships and Practicums:

Providing safety, healing, and justice at Children’s Alliance of South Texas, is a team effort, we cannot do it alone. We provide internship opportunities, by providing hands-on, real-to-life experiences for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of social work, clinical therapy, child development or other human services fields. Our mission is to provide a place where  trauma ends and justice and healing begins for children victimized by abuse or neglect. In keeping with our mission, The Children’s Alliance of South Texas, is committed to being a teaching facility.

Under one roof we bring together a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who are knowledgeable in the fields of child maltreatment: law enforcement investigators; Texas Child Protective Services staff; interviewers trained in the semi-structured narrative process; trauma-focused therapists; forensic nurse examiners; county and district attorneys – all working to identify and end child neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.  Student interns and volunteers complement our team, and help assure that our families are provided needed services throughout the process.

Interns and students  will learn about:

  • The dynamics of non-offending families as they traverse the criminal justice process
  • See how law enforcement and the judicial system work together until cases are resolved
  • Learn the Child Advocacy Center state and national model
  • Develop a clear understanding of available community resources for children and families
  • Learn about the importance of continuity of care

Utilizing evidenced-based, trauma-informed interventions, our clinical staff provide child victims and their non-offending family members a chance to heal from abuse through a variety of therapeutic approaches. We provide individual, group and family sessions utilizing activities, play, art and music in addition to traditional therapeutic approaches.

Our program has the potential to help you become a better professional.

To apply for a Clinical internship, send your resume to:

CAST Clinical Director
Elizabeth Tofani-Garcia, LPC-S